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Hi Friends!  Welcome to The Charlotte Mobile Makery!

We are Jess & Shannon, 2 friends and a vintage camper who want to help the Queen City be a little more creative. 

Best friends first,

business partners second


jess Murphy

Hi, I'm Jess and I work with people who love details. When something is handmade it becomes personalized by the maker. I love seeing how people create something completely unique to them. Those little details give an object a story and are the sweet things that big box stores can't replicate.

What to know about me:

I can't live without...a pair of scissors.

I believe everyone is creative. 

I love the morning and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  

I'm a dog person. 

My dad gave me my toolbox when I went to college; he gave me my tool belt when I bought my first house.

Guilty pleasure - red velvet cake


What I would say about Shannon...

I have been friends with Shannon for over 10 years. I know blue is her favorite color and she hates onions.  What I also know for sure....She is always calm.  I can always count on her easy-going nature to keep me sane.





Shannon Hale

Hi, I'm Shannon. Two of the following are true:

a) I studied fine art and sculpture at UNC-Asheville.

b) I read tea leaves.

c) I play bridge.


I have been painting since I was 3.

I can't live without my sketchbook.

My cat's name is Jack.

To this day I use the sewing box my grandmother made for me.

I am most creative at 3am.


WHAT I would say ABOUT Jess...

She will probably say she can't live without "scissors" but really it is her to-do list :)